REVEALED! How You Can Grow Your Money FROM HOME – From Mini-Exportation Of Pure Cocoa Powder To Over 23 Countries Including America & UK…..Plus How To Start Your Own Profitable – Cocoa Business Locally.


Your eyes is about to be opened to the world of Cocoa – Not To Only Consume It – But To Also Make Money From It.


Meanwhile, Do You Have The Following?

  • Business Start Up Capital Of Between N30,000 – N35,000 (To Invest)
  • A Valid & Working Email Address -Better still  Gmail Address
  • An Access to the Internet, maybe an Android Browsing Phone
  • And lastly, a good negotiating skill?
  • If yes, then read on!

Mission Statement:

“To produce 1000 Self Made Millionaires, by August 2017, Through Cocoa Business.

Do you want to key in?

IF Yes?


Because, “Oyinbo” needs our Cocoa Powder, and they will pay you in Dollars in exchange for the Pure Cocoa Powder..Like other Nigerians Like you are readily getting Paid…

Relax as you get exposed to:

  • Where To Get Cocoa Powder For Exportation and even sell locally and supply companies like Locally.
  • Where & How to get Buyers Abroad To Buy Cocoa Powder From You
  • How To Negotiate To get payment from the buyer before you ship to them
  • How to start your own Cocoa Powder Business Distributorship Business In Nigeria.
  • And many more…
  • What am about to reveal to you, its same same business model that earned me, 756K (Yes, Seven Hundred & Fifty Six thousand naira) in just Some Deals In MINI – EXPORTATION, In Just One Week.

    “This does not happen all the time, but it happens, happened to me many times and you can experience the same in less than 3 months…if you start and set-up the business from today.”

Read On & Join This Project!

This Business Will Pay You More Than What Many Bankers Earn Monthly Overtime!


Promoting Exportation of Cocoa Powder

The question is WOULD YOU be a part of the FEW to BENEFIT from this? Seriously…would you?


I WILL give you N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira)  of my own money if you try this out and it does not work…What do you think?


My name is Yemisi Akintande, formerly a Highly School Teacher With A Private School , But Currently Independent & Making A Sustainable Income From Home Marketing Locally & Exporting Cocoa Powder. And my mantra is to be a channel of Blessing to others, equipping people with information that can can help better lives.
Before I arrived at breakthrough in the Cocoa Powder Exportation Business, I went through a lot of challenges and loss of money including.

I  attended numbers of seminars, bought lots of off-line and online materials, but non worked for me. I kept on taking risk, spent my hard earn money on seminars, e-books, Manuals.

I paid attention to all of them, I mean all of them. Just because I know, No Knowledge can be wasted. I compared and contrast all of them.I did not just throw them into BIN

I applied the knowledge, from each and every one of them – then I got


At first it was not easy for me to understand but with a determined mind to be successful – with the view to provide additional source of income and boost my finanace – I spend more time on my computer and the source provided for me I finally got : How To , What To, And Where To.

In addition to that,I developed my own strategy which earned me my first 2 Buyer in 2 days. Since then I have being using my own strategies to crack those buyers,client or customers to buy from me.

You dont have to make that many mistakes. Avoid the headache of Trial & Error, learn from my mistakes.


In the next few minutes, you’ll find out how to profit from the exact same business model I used to go from N50,000/month (As a school teacher)to N250k/month Exporting Cocoa Powder Into Well Over 23 countries.

This vital information that I am about to give you can
make you 400% more richer in less time than you have
ever thought depending on how quickly you can utilize it

Do not Be Scared yet by the mention of Cocoa Powder…I will show you how I started this Business With LESS THAN N30,000. Yes! Thirty Thousand Naira. I have done all the field work for you, since you are smart you only need to grab the information today and start your own venture.

However, before I continue, let me quickly demystify a Big Lie most exporters will tell you…

They tell you that you need SGS or one licence to start mini-exportation of Cocoa Powder…IT IS A BIG LIE!


Since you may not be Exporting More Than 40kg, you just need to pack it in Nylon like this, seal with a small sealing machine..take it to NIPOST and use EMS Speedpost…the buyer will receive it..wherever…

In my report, I have also demystify many things…another one is…

They tell you,Its so hard to get buyers…well, I have once said that also about 2 years ago, but not any more…INFACT IT IS A BIG LIE ALSO!

Because now…Getting buyers is the most simplest of all, I get not less than 2 – 3 serious Buyers daily.

Never mind me when I call myself Alphanijaexporter.Because I admit am not the first.


Cocoa seed exportation had been one of the major means of Revenue to our Beloved Nation Nigeria before the oil boom. However, it was a very huge business.

Well, it depends on where you are looking at to achieve your financial goal of making Extra Income. You can just end your search for how to make extra income today!

But I can tell you BOLDLY that selling Cocoa Powder on International Food Market and on ECA is a great business opportunity you need to consider.

Did you ask what is ECA? Well I will give you a tip. ECA is an E-Commerce Associate Platform, where you can find over 200,000 People Seeking To buy Cocoa Powder from Africa.

…In other words, you have a potential of over 200k  (Two Hundred Thousans)Buyers waiting for you to initiate and establish a business connection with them!

More details on ECA and how to join the associate and get Individuals & Companies in Need of Cocoa Powder on over 190 countries across the world will be found in my short report…please read on…


Health Benefits Of Cocoa Powder:

Prevents & Treat Diabetes – Pure Cocoa Powder Contains Flavanol which are powerful antioxidants that can help improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control!

* Prevents & Treat Hypertension -Pure Cocoa Powder contains a rich source of Antioxidants which promotes vasodilatation which lowers blood pressure.!

* Improves Brain Power – Pure Cocoa Concentrate Contains “minus epicatechin” a compound that supports increased circulation and the growth of blood vessels,which improves cognition and enhance brain memory!

* Improves Low Sexual Performance – Pure Cocoa Concentrate increases Nitric Oxide and Artery Friendly, Increases Blood flow that enables Erection Boosting In Men. Thereby, boosting sexual performance is men.!

* Reduces Menstrual Pains & Cramps During Monthly Period- Pure Cocoa Concentrate Contains Natural Theobromine and Alkaloid That Helps Women reduce pain during monthly Period!

 THE Apart from the health benefits, below is one other reason for the high demand of Cocoa Powder…

The global madness for chocolate has given the reason for the High Demand of cocoa powder…see below:


  Dear Reader,
Open Your Eyes, This is another Opportunity For Your To Start & Profit From SME


So be rest assured that the money is there..I am talking from Personal Experience.

Secondly, if you can do a little research, you will find out that, Pure cocoa powder has a lot of health benefits.. which is making alot of people across the world to demand for Cocoa Powder.





Try Cocoa Powder With Honey For A Week You Will Thank Me Later


Believe me, They trust & Love cocoa powder from Africa.

* But where can you get Cocoa Powder for Exportation – You will find more details in my short report.


You may be wondering how would get Paid in Nigeria? Well, the details is the report. Meanwhile, I will give you a hint – You will get Paid into your Payoneer Account, and pick the cash at any ATM powered by MasterCard in Nigeria



In my report, I have included all the details on how to get your Payoneer Card here in Nigeria 100% FREE. The detail on how you can get the Card shipped to you in Nigeria 100% FREE is in the report.


Earlier, I mentioned that I will show you how to get your money paid to you by your Buyer even before you send goods, usually, you will get paid through Western Union if you are able to win such deal.


You payment can be deposited into your local bank account. But don’t forget it has to be a domiciliary account.


As a bonus, I have included in the report, One sure way you can earn money and you can get Paid into your PAYONEER CARD MONTHLY! You can withdraw the money and spend it as you like in Nigeria, or use it to pay for any online services.


It is all packed in an e-Book.

No Stories, straight to the point, a step by step guide of how I had been running the Cocoa Powder Business For Close To 2 Years.

If am making money from this mini-exportation business, why do I want to share the information with you?

The Truth is, no single individual can meet the demands of Cocoa Powder abroad, this year alone, I had abandoned 6 Orders, simply because, the fund available cant meet up with all the 21 demands that I got. Even if you join the business, you cant meet up with all the demands. So, you are invited to play your part and take your share off the business!

Is the short report free?

Well NO!

I will not justify the reason for a token to get the Report, because I know the Value,

Yes, I know the Measurable Value (Potential Income) and the Immeasurable Value (How It can improve your standard of living – from the extra income you will make from the venture) and any smart Nigerian will also know the value of such information. No knowledge is wasted.


Once Again…welcome to the cocoa powder business world.

Its a great thing that you want to get the Know–How.

Inside the ebook is the details you need to run the business successfully.

From how and where to buy it, to where to sell it, to how to cash in your Money…etc.


If you are serious about creating an additional source of income, taking advantage of the Naira Fall and earn in Dollars $$$, gain financial independence for yourself and your family, you will get the report immediately.

What would you lose if you shun this report and move on? Honestly, I don’t know. Only you know what financial position and the urgency with which you want to change it. But what I do know is that you may thus delay your financial freedom. 

Besides, you may also loose your opportunity to create additional source of income, likewise diversify into this fast growing business

Its ok to delay, as long as you admit that, by the time you come back…

  • The market would have become flooded.
  • The competition would be higher and stiffer for you.
  • And you must have lost many sales deals and international client which could have been yours.
  • And of course, you would pay the full price (N15,000.00) for this ebook from

  • APRIL 28, 2017

Did I hear you say “its a lie”? Well, this business is not for everybody, its for people who can afford it and can invest into the knowledge required to become successful in the business or any other business they want to invest in.

Besides, Now, Nigeria is focusing on exploiting possible Agricultural Opportunities, by the time it gets into full blown. You will be looking for where to key in.

By then you will remember you have read this offer before.

I WILL SURELY NOT LOOSE ANYTHING IF YOU DONT GET THIS e-BOOK TODAY – You will be the one leaving money on the table!

Go Ahead And Spend The Next N4,700 on Shopping for weekend. But I know any wise person knows which is profitable – SPENDING OR INVESTMENT!

I Am Selling This Report For Only  N4,700 Today.

Finally N4,700, is all you need to invest on knowledge you need to succeed in this business – buys you more than just the ebook. You also get my full mentoring through the journey. If you wish, I hope to start with you until you start making money!

That is lot to buy for




don’t you think? But I am happy to give it. We all need a way to cushion the effect of this Economic Reset



Voguepay is 100% Safe And Secure, Its Number One In Africa!
Or Send An Email to :


Yemisi Akintande

Senior Partner :        

SOW Bountifully (Invest In Multiple ways) -REAP Bountifully (Harvest make money in Multiple Ways).

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65 thoughts on “REVEALED! How You Can Grow Your Money FROM HOME – From Mini-Exportation Of Pure Cocoa Powder To Over 23 Countries Including America & UK…..Plus How To Start Your Own Profitable – Cocoa Business Locally.

  1. I purchased the report March 25 and I completed the setup of 2 international markets in less than 48 hours I got my first 3 buyers, I have exported 12kg and have earned $157 net profit.

    Thanks Yemisi for revealing this to me, am very grateful and God bless you.


  2. I bought the report to find out how to do mini export of cocoa and am glad it was detailed and the best part is that, the author is always there to answer any question regarding the business.


  3. Well Aisha, my promise to be on the stand and provide support is core to me. Never assume, dont stop asking questions till you hit success in the business. I shall always be there.


  4. I want to start the business for but am currently working as a contract staff in a bank.. How will I have the time to run the business if I get started?


  5. Yemisi Thank you for this wonderful ebook. It is really a masterpiece. It is a sure way to SME business startup. Highly recommended for young school leaver.
    Thanks once more.
    Charles Ugwu


  6. I have gone through your write up and it sounds so good to try. How do I get started now? Please advise me on how to make it happen real. Thanks.


  7. I have through your write up.on how to start mini importation of cocoa it really nice, but am a corper how can you be of help ma? I will try to get d ebook ,but how will u mentor me ? cause I really need it life after is not easy thanks.


  8. Your short report is packed full of information and is educative.I will like to work with you until I am in good standing.Thank you.


  9. pls some of us prefer d hard copy to to e-books and also u should have an he a office where people can visit for consultation on other matters…some of us are not d internet guru’s and we need ur service…..thanks for ur anticipated cooperation


  10. I have ran into many scams online to the extent that I don’t to read anything again. How sure am I that you are not part of people that take from poor to get themselves rich? If what I have is enough I won’t be on the page. I am really scared


  11. I so much love ur writeup but increasing the fee for the eBook shouldn’t be next since u plan on helping us,am pleading if only u can give us more time before u do that pls


  12. Hello Ma’am,
    I just sent you an email.
    Waiting for your reply, as I would like to pay for a copy of your e-book immediately.
    Good article.
    Thank you.


  13. am a typical Nigerian, I hardly have time to read, I am in Ibadan presently how do I get to see you one on one, my no. is 08068896043 tony.


      1. Interesting but a lot of people have fallen victims of scammers. Would do more good if seminars can be conducted for personal and physical interaction.


      2. We all had made mistakes and fallen for scammers.

        But you will making a greater mistake if you don’t get into the world of Cocoa Business.

        Many are just consumers, consume cocoa products, but never bother to ask how they can make money from the industry.

        Besides, not everyone is a scammer, are you?


  14. What a wonderful eye opener to a profitable business. I can’t wait to venture into it with your adequate mentorship Ma. Thanks a million. Remain blessed


  15. Did you av any place to give us a full study may bee a hall or someplace that you teach us face to face so we bee able to know better than book,, because I av opportunity to see many cocoa in our village


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